Saturday, July 24, 2010

California continued at the Santa Ana zoo

We decided one day to head to the Santa Ana zoo. Even though we heard that the only animals there were basically monkeys. We figured it was just down the street and didnt cost very much and what else were we going to do, so we went. We ended up having a lot of fun, but they were right. Basically only monkeys. Thats my Aunt Judie above with the girls. She is married to the guy below in the last picture, who happens to be brothers with my Uncle Dennis who was teaching my kids archery who happens to be married to my Aunt Judies sister, Nancy and both those Uncles are my dad's half brothers. Whew!
Here is my sleeping Uncle Marv. We checked his back, there was no arrow in it. He just works on roofs all day in the CA heat. He co-owns an AC business with my other Uncle, Dennis. They inherited the business from my Grandpa Sauer who nobody is related to by blood (although there is some question as to who my Uncle Dale belongs to) but my dad and Uncle Marv were adopted by him and my Uncle Dennis refused, so his last name is Hamilton. Look how much energy Dennis has while Marv is falling asleep. Dennis also comes home very clean while Marv that particular day was covered in insulation. Different work ethics.

You guys can ignore the family history part if you want, I just need to write this down somewhere.

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Heather said...

looks like a really fun trip Jenny! I LOVE the town or Orange- did you guys walk around downtown at all?

Can't wait to hear the rest of your adventures!