Thursday, September 22, 2011

Im practicing posting pictures. Okay Shannon, I am now going to place my cursor at the exact spot in my posting that I want the picture. Okay here it goes...I want it ......

Okay, now it initially posted to the top of the page, but then my cursor glossed over it, the picture hovered for a moment and then repositioned itself in the right location. Lets try this again. You like the picture I chose? This is what happens when your kids have unlimited access to your camera.
My next picture, I want here..

Nope, didnt work. This was suppose to be where the pirate picture landed. But instead it is at the top of my blog.

And again we will try to put a picture right here

Once again, this is not working for me. This was suppose to be the adorable picture of Elia in her little seat looking like a deer in the headlights.

Okay, 3rd time is a charm, here it goes.
I am now officially frustrated that nothing electronic ever works for me. This was the fun picture of us all in our fancy bowling shoes.

Im done, goodnight.


Shannon said...

I LOVE this post :)

Tempted to fly to see you for a blogging lesson and for my Jenny Fix.

I was driving around today and saw a camry just like yours...for a split second I thought I'd see you and the girls in it. it made me miss you.
so does this post.

blogger 101 here we come...

Joshua said...

Well at least you got some pics up and updated your blog. That's the important part. :)

H said...

Thanks for saving me the trouble. Now I won't try it :)

Alisa Frei said...

YEA!!!! Another post! I LOVE it! The girls are getting so big, I barely recognized Avrie!!!! You have such a cute family! Keep the pictures coming, I don't care where they end up as long as I can see them!

April said...

Oh dear. This post has me crying. Not because it's funny but because it makes me miss the hell out you. Stop being so far away!