Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today a molestor van or white work van, whatever you want to call it, sat behind a delivery truck at 10:20 this morning and layed on his horn for a full 2.5 minutes!
It would have taken him less time to back up 5 feet and go around him via a side street.
hate people like that.

Elia has peed on the toilet 2 times since that last post. Bizarre!

Steve is gone again, another 10 days in California.

Lets see...anything new and exciting in my life right now? ......Nope, sorry.

Here is a video of Cailin reciting a poem for school. Avrie filmed her which explains the sideways video and I, like always, have no idea how to fix it. Yes, that is Elia playing on the floor naked.

Okay, its 2am, I should probably get to bed now. Good night!

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