Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cailin's new favorite color...purple!

So, here is Cailin's new bed. We stayed up until midnight putting it together. Cailin tried so desperately to stay awake, she wanted to fall asleep in it, but the sleeping pills we slipped her kicked in (just kidding) and she succumbed to sleep around 10:30pm.
Steve of course, after the last screw was anchored into place went to bed. I, because I am my mother's daughter, stayed up until 1:30am making her bed, cleaning up the styrofoam, boxes and plastic bags the bed parts had come in. Steve does not understand this obsession with finishing the job the same day. But, this way I was able to first, have Cailin sleep in her new bed instead of with me, and second, wake up to a clean and organized room. Because frankly, I have other things that need to be done in the morning (like feeding my children, dressing them, cleaning a kitty litter...etc.) Might as well just get it done in one evening.

So, we still have more to do on her room, hang curtains, decorate the white walls. But isn't it cute so far? I'm having fun painting and decorating my new home. Making it feel like I belong in it. It's a little cozy, but don't they say, families who live in smaller houses have better relationships?

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