Friday, January 20, 2006

Crazy Photo Man

So, I took my 35mm film to be developed at Walgreens. I'm not a big fan of Walgreens, they have lost my photos on more than one occasion, the people that work in their photo lab aren't exactly rocket scientists, and ... I just don't like them. But, here in Kirkland, I really don't have many choices in the decision of local drugstores. So, I ventured in to buy a curling iron (which I ended up returning) and drop off some film, it should have only taken about 5 minutes. Well, 25 minutes later I was finally leaving the store, shaking my head in disbelief.
The man behind the film counter needed to take down my name, address & phone # for their computer system, which ironically, I've noticed, none of their employees have been trained on, and if they have, their short term memory just downright sucks! So, he asked me for my last name. So, I first say it and then spell it (an important point to the story), he proceeds to read back what he has typed (5 minutes worth of typing, re-spelling, re-re-spelling, and blank stares). This is what he reads back to me. (BTW, my last name is Vergara).
V-D-R-E-R-A-R-G-A-R-A. Should I have just left it as so, probably, but I just couldn't stand how much of an idiot this guy was, so 10 minutes later we finally completed my real last name. For my first name...I just gave him the letter J. Phone # dialogue was similar. I tell him I need a picture CD and Matte finish. He tells me, without skipping a beat, it will be ready in 1 hour. I know this to not be true because Walgreens, like I said before, is an incompetent and annoying store. If you want a picture CD and Matte finish, they have to send it to the Kodak photo lab to be processed. This, in Phoenix, takes about 3 days. I pointed this out to him. He says..."Oh, yeah, you're right." By this point I had realized he wasn't playing with all his cards. After another 5 minutes tip tapping who knows what into the computer, he tells me (bear in mind the date was January 14th)..."Your photos will be ready to be picked up the 25th or 26th". Are you kidding me?!!
So, after this entire ordeal, episode, occurrance, interaction, experience...whatever you want to call it, I've decided to bypass the middle man and mail my film directly to Kodak to be processed. Lesson learned!!

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HLH said...

hee hee...this reminds me of your story about the lady in the bank drive thru that took too long. Did you make the cashier cry to?! :)

I think Costco does picture Cd's does Walmart- and wal marts printing is superb!