Sunday, January 22, 2006

Get it together Bishop

I am so frustrated. First of all here is a disclaimer. This is just the craziness within my little mormon world of Kirkland, Washington. This doesn't necessarily reflect the church as a whole.
So, I went to and put in my street information to find which ward and building I was supposed to attend (depending on where I live). It tells me 9am at the building on 132nd St. Well, at the time we didnt know there were 2 buildings on 132nd St, but now we know there are. Steve had scoped out a Mormon church for me before we had even moved to Washington. When I located my church building I also printed out directions, which I showed to Steve. He took one look at them and said, "That's a stupid way to get there, let me tell you the right way." It never dawned on him that his limited 4 month driving history in Kirkland might not be completely correct. But, I knew even less, so like a dumb dumb I listened. Turns out, I went to the wrong ward. Thank goodness!! The woman conducting the singing was wearing a big brown furry hat. Immediately I knew I was outnumbered by wierdos. The Primary was completely disorganized. Cailin wasnt able to tell me anything they had learned. I was 5 minutes away from marching right into the Bishop's office and demanding to be put into the Primary Presidency (a position I just left after almost 4 years), just so I could fix their small Primary. But, on my way I learned from a Bishopric member I was attending the wrong ward, and that I needed to go to the other building (also on 132nd St) at 9am.
So, this Sunday that is exactly where I went, only to learn, after falling in love with all of the people and Cailin's Sunbeam teacher, that again, I had attended the wrong ward. Then I spent another 20 minutes trying to explain to almost the entire Bishopric exactly where I lived. They couldnt really figure it completely out. Frustrating! Especially since Kirkland isnt that big of a town, you would think if someone told them which street they lived on they would know where it is. The asked if I was to the right or the left of the Cascades...I dont even know what the Cascades are!! Apparently, my correct ward meets at 11:30am. So, I will report back again next week after attending our 3rd ward in 3 weeks.
I also learned that the lds website's building locator was just recently updated last week, which is why it had told me to attend at 9am, that was last years schdule! Very annoying.

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HLH said...

poor Jenny! What a trooper Cailin is to be paraded through all the differnt primary's! I hope next week is filled with wonderful lovely independent thinking, creative, spiritually strong members for you...oh and with a big well organized primary!