Monday, January 23, 2006

Sweet Dreams & Small Basketball Tangent

Cailin has been having trouble falling asleep when we put her to bed the last few nights. Her sleep schedule has been completely out of whack. Yesterday she took a nap (very out of the ordinary) from 5-7pm and then didn't go to bed until Midnight. Good thing I normally stay up late. Anyways, our routine is as follows: We brush her teeth, read 4 books and then lay down with her for a few minutes to help her fall asleep. Unfortunately, our little routine has not been working lately. All we hear from her is "I can't fall asleep", "It's not working, I'm not falling asleep." She repeats this over and over until she eventually...falls asleep.
Well, tonight Steve was not here
He had a basketball game, they won!! Although he did admit to me that he missed
2 out of 4 free throws, or you could look at it as making 2 out of 4. However
you look at it, it's still a fundamental skill that basketball players have been
practicing since they were 5 years old. I really don't think there is much
excuse for making anything less than 100%, especially NBA players, and
considering how much money they actually get paid to stand on that line and
shoot a ball a few feet into a basket. What if a waitress only gets 1/2 her
orders correct? She wouldn't have a job for very long would she? And she only
gets paid $2.30/hr...outrageous!!
so it was just myself and the girls. I had nursed Avrie to sleep and then went to help Cailin get ready for bed. We read our books, and then it began..."I can't fall asleep". So, we sang some songs together, still didn't work. At that point Avrie woke up, only a 20 minute stretch of sleep for her. So, I jumped down from the bed, Cailin at my heels. We all layed down in my bed to try yet again to fall asleep. That's when Cailin stood up, declared, "I'm not falling asleep" and headed downstairs to our dark living room. I finished nursing Avrie back to sleep which took about 15 minutes and went in search of my almost 4 year old. The below picture shows exactly where I found her, snoring away like her grandpas. I wonder how she came to end up in that position...asleep?! She is a strange one. But very cute. Obviously she was tired. Night-Night

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HLH said...

I bet Cailin's neck hurt! On a basketball side note - send this link to Steve:

My non sports minded husband laughed a good one at this, I think Steve would definetly like it...