Friday, January 27, 2006

Giant playmates

Okay people. I did not have children so that I could turn into this oversized, fulltime playpal for my kids. Yes, I play with them, of course. Yesterday, Cailin and I made some Thank you cards, then I put a movie in for her while I nursed her sister down for a nap. I also played one board game with her while we waited for dad to come home. But most of the day, she's on her own. She plays with her barbies, her dolls, she torments her sister, she harasses me for another DVD. Lets see, what else does she do? I dont know, just entertains herself for the most part. I will set toys up for her and get her started. For example, she wanted to play with her train, so I started the track with her and then would jump in every half hour to keep her interested, but by no means did I camp out next to her train track awaiting her beckon call. Hell no, Ive got things to do, like play on the computer. Sorry, that was a bad parenting outburst.
So, the following experience is the reason this blog exists...
Since we just moved to this area we are looking for a couple of friends for Cailin to play with so we met someone, her daughters are the same age as mine. (I'm hoping and assuming she doesnt crawl through the internet searching out blogs to read, she doesnt seem like that type of person)
So, she invited us over for a playdate. My previous experience at playdates has been that this is an opportunity for your children to have soneone other than mom to play with, therefor giving the moms a time to engage in enjoyable adult conversation with the other moms. This experience...much much different. First, we ALL (mom's included) played a board game where her daughter proceeded to insist on certain rules in a very bossy way, which we all were expected to comply with. Next we ALL (yes, moms included) played play doh together. And one of the moms (not me) was really getting into thjs. We then headed into the play room where we were all expected (in a silent way) to play dollhouse together. At this point, I felt vomit emerging so I had to retreat to the living room where I then proceeded to shove a nipple into my baby's mouth so I had an excuse to leave this Alice in Wonderland reality. As I was unsuccessful in force-nursing my baby, if they dont want to they wont. We were then all served lunch. PB&J, goldfish crackers, raisons and milk. Okay people, that is something you serve to a really good friend when you dont have anything else at all in the fridge. But, regardless of the social protocol, I was served PB&J, goldfish crackers, raisons and milk, on plastic IKEA plates (yes the adults too), and plastic cups. I dont know about you, but I feel like I have earned the privelage throughout my 29 years of life to be able to drink out of a glass. I can be trusted I will not play around at the table and accidently drop it.

But, after all this the kicker was the last and final game. The kids started playing hide-and-go-seek and somehow I got roped into this by the other mom. I'm not saying I don't play with my kids. Cailin, Steve and I have played hide-and-go-seek numerous times, but as a family, not with my adult friends. Could you just imagine Myself, April, Sarah, Heather and Crystal all running around playing hide-and-go-seek like a bunch of 5 year ols? Ridiculous.
The last straw was when her daughter was combing through Cailin's purse, pocketing the money she had brought with her. Because little girls always have to bring a purse with them wherever they go. Cailin, of course, got upset. It was to be expected, I would have become a little irate if the mom starting stealing money out of my purse. It was then time to leave, and I'm not quite sure if I will ever gain enough energy to return there again. I was exhausted when we left.
So, again, I am in search of a friend for Cailin and I.

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HLH said...

Oh My! If nothing else it made for a great blog post! How did you meet this woman and her children?

I would laugh and laugh if you asked me to play hide-n-seek with you!!!

I always at least serve kraft mac n cheese to the adults!