Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Musical Beds

Why can't my family just stay in their designated beds?! It's a chaotic version of musical beds at our house every night, and my husband is the biggest culprit.
This is how our night begins... Cailin in her bed, Avrie in my bed with myself (or I'm at the computer 2 feet away), and Steve on the couch (he usually falls asleep watching tv or finishes studying late into the night and the thought of walking up an entire flight of dangerous (I'll tell that story another time) flight of stairs at midnight is just to much to endure. So, he crashes onto the couch in the family room. Then sometime into the night Cailin will wake up and want someone to lay with her for a few minutes, to help her fall back asleep. If Avrie is not nursing at that exact moment, then that somebody is usually me. But, then I have to call down to Steve to come upstairs to bed so Avrie doesn't wake up and crawl off the bed while I have fallen asleep on Cailin's bed. (It's difficult to just lay there until she falls asleep but not fall asleep myself. ) So, Steve come tromping up the stairs as I head into Cailin's room, to comfort her. Eventually Avrie will wake up, I generally hear her and dash into our room to nurse her back to sleep. At that precise point everyone is in their designated sleeping locations, for the moment. Cailin lately has been waking up a second time, so that is when Steve goes into her room and sleeps with her on her bed or on her floor. He usually falls asleep right away, Cailn does not, so she climbs over a cometous daddy and crawls into bed with Avrie, the cat and myself. Sometimes Steve will wake up again and slide back downstairs to the couch and sometimes he just stays put in Cailin's loft bed or on her floor. And that is typically where we all end up. Some nights it is utterly exhausting!
If Steve would just start out in our bed it would eliminate an entire step to our nighttime muscial bed ritual.
But, doesn't that encompass that underlying question women have been asking themselves and eachother for generations and generations? How do we get our husband to do what we want them to do? How do we train them?
I'll give you an update in a few weeks to let you know if any of our craziness has changed for the better.


HLH said...

I think you need a new more comfortable bed OR some sexy undies. Both things ought to entice Steve into the bed :)

April Lady said...

How 'bout Steve just needs to sleep in his own damn bed? I don't see Jenny running off to sleep in the car after Avrie is asleep. Why is it men think that nighttime parenting is a woman's job?