Friday, February 03, 2006

A day in Kirkland Washington

We finally made it out the door yesterday to go to the library. Well, first I was attempting to find the post office which apparently is in some other dimension somewhere on 6th St. & 4th Ave. I drove past that intersection at least 5 times. Unless post offices in Kirkland are hidden away in apartment buildings that post office was not there. I am going to attempt it again today. This whole car trip involved Cailin yelling at me to turn up the music...louder...louder...louder. And then she gets upset when I can't hear her screaming at me that she wants a different CD. That's the thing about kids that drives me out of my mind, works my nerve. They never make any sense!!! They are completely out of their minds!! And, a little bipolar on top of it all. Oh, and Avrie screams the whole time we are driving. Not a cry just a low pitched yell that sounds like Chubaca (sp?) from Star Wars. Very irritating, but a little funny at the same time.
I finally gave up. This post office thing was not happening. So, I somehow found the library. We get inside, everything is fine. Then, of course, the only day I am there, the fire alarm goes off. And as the entire library of desensitized Americans continues to read their books and use the computers with this horribly hideous alarm blaring in our ears, I thought, hmmmmm maybe we should actually leave the building. That's when the library workers have to scream over the blare of the alarm for everyone to evacuate the library. No wonder people die in fires. But, as we are leaving the building, we can smell the very familiar smell of burned popcorn. How embarrassing to be that employee, to be the one to overestimate the time it takes for popcorn to pop in the microwave. But, to be honest, if the microwave doesnt have a popcorn button, I do the same thing.
We all stand around waiting, it was raining, we are covered, but somehow in Seattle even when we aren't actually standing in the rain, you still always feel wet. But that's the other thing, even after we all left the library, we all still stood directly outside the doors. I suppose if we had seen flames spilling from the roof, we might have all gotten in our cars and left. But, in this case we all stood right outside waiting for the fire dept. to come and turn off the alarm. 20 minutes later we are led back into a stinky library. My plan was to grab our books and leave, but that is when Cailin decides she needs to go to the bathroom and can't hold it. This is when I hate big warm comfy jackets. When we all have them, I have a 10 mos old that wants to crawl on the bathroom floor, and wont sit in the sling, and I have to hold these 3 big poofy jackets. Why is it that is takes a 4 year old 20 minutes to poop. In the comfort of our home, 10 minutes, tops. In any public restroom, a minumum of 20 minutes. Do they do any of the work themselves? or do they just sit there and let their bodies do it? I hear no effort on her part, just a bunch of singing, humming and attempted whistling. She has absolutely no problem hanging out in a disgusting public restroom, but let the earth stop rotating when she gets any egg from breakfast on her finger. This is what I'm saying, they don't make any sense.
Oh, today is Cailin's 4th birthday. She got a wonderful birthday message from her friend Preston, we immediately printed it out and hung it in her room, right next to the beautiful picture she received in the mail from him the day before. She was so excited that her friend had made her a picture. She also got a birthday card from both sets of grandparents. Very exciting!!
Avrie gives kisses now. When you say "Dame un beso" She opens up, big and wet, sometimes a little tongue is involves, but it's very cute. Oh, and she points. She points at anything she wants, things she doesnt want, things she likes, things she is scared of. Lots of pointing.
Okay, I think I'm going to end this blog now because I have roofers walking up and down a ladder right outside my bedroom window as Avrie sites here and exposes my breasts to all those lucky men. Bye.


HLH said...

Oh Yeah!!! I am glad you got our drawing and email. I'm a lousy friend, I should have put a letter in there for you. I have some cute stationary, so watch your mail box for next week:)

What are you doing to celebrate?

Sara said...

Jenny that is the cutest picture of Avrie!!! She looks just like Steve.