Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Okay friends, family, acquaintances, complete strangers. I'm back. Ive been gone for a while. Inspiration for a short time left me, but I'm finally back.
So, for the past few weeks my husband has made sometimes casual sometimes pointed comments about the graying in my hair. I'm only 31 years old and I have obvious gray hairs. He suggests to me that it may be time to get my hair done again because my last coloring has faded and I probably have more gray hairs. And of course none of them are caused by anything he does. Anyways, I made the appointment, I needed new shampoo and conditioner anyways, and I had a day free to go. I wanted to go a little darker this time but didn't know if I should do an all over color or highlights again. I pointed out I was a little disappointed I could still see a lot of the gray after my last highlights. So, she consulted with another stylist, talking another language about using a #4 and #520 with a copper with a little #11 in it. I have no idea what they are talking about but I know it will look good. Turns out it looks fabulous, but apparently I got an all over and highlights with the price tag along with it. Yikes!!! $115, with a $20 tip plus my shampoo and conditioner $50 = $185!!!! But at that point I can't say oh, no thank you that's a little pricey for me lets just go wash it out, I can't send back the shampoo because any other shampoo with make it fade and ruin what I just had done, plus, I still would have had to buy shampoo and conditioner. Should I put it on the credit card? No, Steve will get upset at that also. Dilemma, of course I pay with my Debit, then I have to tell Steve who in turn makes me feel horribly guilty even though he thinks it looks great and I had estimated the day before to him that I thought it would be around $130, I was only $65 off!!! Ugh!!!
So, to just put icing on my horribly expensive cake of a day, I walk out to my car and my passenger window is smashed in. Wow, this sounds vaguely familiar you say? It should because I am notorious for getting my car broken into, its just what I like to think makes me special. Ive decided to find it a charming character flaw of mine. Anyways, nothing stolen, there was nothing to steal, the car seats were in another car, 2 $3 kites in the trunk, a 1992 factory radio with no CD player, kid snacks in the middle console, our church bag in the back seat filled with sticker books, crayons and kids books. Again...UGH!!!
I'm now going to go downstairs and somehow figure out what Steve wants to eat for dinner while at the same time not talking to him and giving him the cold shoulder. It should be fun!!
PS. People here still drive slow


heather said...

squee! It is a happy happy joy joy day! I SO missed your fantastic writing!

In college I went and had my hair really done for the first time, it came to $115 and I about choked! I didn't know how on earth I was going to explain it to Aaron.

Tell Steve if he doesn't want to pay for it then he can live with ugly troll woman instead (not that you are ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm just trying to help your cause!).

JRV said...

its okay, we are both over it, plus it really does look good!

April Lady said...

Hmmm, Ryan told me that you called last night...this morning...apparently that was what I was going to hear. I'm glad your blog was a good outlet for you. And holy Crap, what were those ladies blabbing about in jibber jabber-how to suck all the cash out of your wallet. It's like the vietnamese ladies at that nail salon that kept adding services under our noses for five bucks a pop. But I suppose it's the American dream to screw white American women out of their money. Geez, I sound racist. Good thing you know I'm not, speaking of which I have lots of stories to tell you about your dad and the horrible racist things he's said during tax season with no thought whatsover in his brain that it is inapporopriate! Oy, I miss you...I'll call ya soon.