Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sleep deprived, overslept or just plain wacko?

I think there is something wrong with, I mean medically, physically wrong with me. Do I have some type of metabolism problem? I use to have no problem going to bed at 2am every single morning. I mean every single morning. Wake up at 8:30am, feeling pretty refreshed, I probably could have slept longer but it didn't feel completely necessary and actually a little like a slight waste of time in my book, which falls under my general feeling about sleep overall. I don't understand naps, hate them, am irritated by people who take them, want others to hate naps, my 2 year rarely takes a nap, I am the nap Nazi. (Unfortunately, I'm married to a siesta takin' Spaniard...lucky me!)
But lately, I mean the last couple months I'm feeling knocked out (NOT knocked up...shoot me now) by 11:30pm, Midnight at the latest. Before, in my previous minimum sleep Eden I use to force myself to fall asleep at 2am, I had given myself that limit, saying anything beyond that was ridiculous, I would forgo that rule with a smokin' crossword, a project of some kind or the very end of a book (it doesn't even have to be a good one, just the end), I'm obvious not very committed to my set goals. There have been a few times lately 4am, 3am, but those were as a result of a girls night out with my friends. Have I just never caught myself up from those nights? But then on the flip side, there was one night I happened to fall asleep nursing Avrie at 9:30pm, almost the middle of the afternoon, crazy, I know, I woke up at 3:30am, after what felt like a solid nights sleep. I couldn't get myself back to sleep, it was way too early to wake up, I didn't know what to do with myself, I drank a ton of water, had sex (with my husband), did a crossword and then forced myself to sleep at 6am for 2 more hours.
Ugh, its driving me crazy!!! I WANT MY OLD SLEEP SCHEDULE BACK!! My house was cleaner (in the morning), things were ready for the next day, I blogged more, projects were completed, kitchen was cleaner.

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April Lady said...

That sucks. Sleep is so important to me. And whether you need a lot of sleep or a little of sleep if your schedule gets messed up life gets out of whack. I am always super grumpy, tired and snappy when I don't get the right amount of sleep. And heaven help my children. I hope things get back to normal! Maybe your hormones are off. When my thyroid was crazy I could be in bed for 10 hours and feel like I had 2. I dunno. Good Luck!