Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Willy the Sperm

I take my girls to the library often. Now that the weather is nice and we are going to the Wednesday outdoor market which just happens to be right next to the library this is now a weekly event. The typical routine once we enter the library, Avrie starts ripping books off shelves for me to read and Cailin heads right for the computer. While I read book after book to Avrie (usually something foreign, she always manages to find those, I love blubbering my way through German as Avrie calmly sits and listens to every word I say), Cailin plays computer games, then every single week, I'm telling you, every single week I lose track of time, I force Cailin to quickly gather some books together to check out and we head home through rush hour traffic. I never look at the books she chooses, they are all from the kids section, how bad could it be? That night we pull out a few of the books she brought home, I turn to the first page...
Okay, I think to myself, I should just continue reading, don't make a big deal out of it, then she wont. Up until this point Cailin knew a baby was made when a sperm and and egg join together. The sperm are in daddy the egg is in mommy. She asked "how does the sperm get to the egg?" Daddy put it there. I thought that was sufficient and she was completely satisfied with that explanation. More than a lot of kids know at 5. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about being open and honest, answering all her questions. She already knows how babies are born, she was at her sisters birth when she was 3, so our family by no means is prudish. But, this just threw me off a little at 9:00 at night. Usually the book I'm reading, any book they pick is about some type of forest or woodland animal looking for something they've lost, a friend, a mommy, a daddy, a toy, food, not a sperm looking for a good time.
Next page..
So, this site is not uploading my pictures at least not in the inpatient timely manner I want them to upload. So, anyways, the book continues to show a drawing of a naked Mr. Browne with an arrow pointing to where the sperm live. Cailin giggled. That's okay, I still giggle at a man's naked body, she'll be giggling for the rest of her life. With all the goods covered up they can be very sexy, the shoulders, the chest, the abs but uncover Mr. Man and it's just horribly awkward and goofy looking. She still laughs at Steve if she catches him getting in or out of the shower. I guess I do also a little inside my head. Inside my head I said (or in the other room) I'm not that mean!
Anyways, Willy the sperm (isnt that strange his name is Willy?) with his trusty maps of the inside of Mr. & Mrs. Browne is able to win the great race and wins the prize of the soft and lovely egg. Oh, and the kicker, for some reason this book is dedicated to Rod Stewart, bizarre.
So, from now on I'll glance over her books a little bit before checking them out. I wouldn't want her to accidentally bring home something really damaging like a book on creationism or the benefits of homework.
see link (http://www.alfiekohn.org/books/hm.htm) great author great site!!


heather said...

Oh Jenny, Ha Ha Ha! That is GREAT!

I'm with you, covered up is sometimes better than uncovered!

I'm happy to answer P's questions as well, but I swear the kid is so not interested! He has never asked. But he does like to talk about how the size of his parts compare to every other naked male he sees.

Sara said...

That explains why Preston was so interested in Josh's penis when I changed his diaper yesterday...!

April Lady said...

Rod Stewart huh? Interesting! Who would'a thought. I wonder what the story is behind that one.