Thursday, June 07, 2007

My emotionally distraught 5 year old

Poor Cailin. She has been so emotional this past week. For those of you who knew the 3-4 year old Cailin, she has completely reverted back this past week. This morning she had an agonizing meltdown about turning off the church lights in the gym after my exercise class. She thought it should be her turn again when in fact it was Jason's turn. She couldn't control herself, it was crazy to watch my normally calm 5 year old act so insane . My friend, Ruth pointed out this is exactly how she behaved right before our last trip to Arizona in December. Bizarre. So, I talked to a few people, trying to get different take on the emotional situation, but really its pretty obvious. She has so many emotions surging through her little body right now and she just cant sort them out. She is beyond excited to go visit all of her cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents. She can hardly contain her anticipation. But, its bitter sweet to her because she knows she is going to have to leave to come back home to Seattle. When I talked to her about these feelings she said that she wants both situations. She wants her cousins in AZ, but she doesn't want the heat of AZ, she wants the beaches of Seattle, she wants her friends in Seattle. Then she just broke into sobs. Poor thing, I wish I could take all these emotions away from her. She concluded that she wants to live in Seattle and she wants all of her extended family to move here also. Amen to that!
She'll be fine, kids are resilient. Once she sees everyone she'll forget its only a 2 week trip and once she gets home to 80 degree Seattle, the beaches and parks she'll remember why we don't like the Arizona desert in the summertime.
Completely off subject but my friend's husband is graduating this month, he is going to officially be a Naturopathic Doctor. What is an appropriate graduation gift? Suggestions would be welcome.

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Did you ever find an answer to you Naturopathic Doctor graduation gift question? My sister-in-law is graduating this spring and I'm stumped.