Saturday, July 24, 2010

On our way to Seattle...continued at my Uncle's in Tustin, CA

When I was little, one of my most favorite memories of visiting my Uncle Dennis in California was Archery and Tomahawk throwing. We would spend hours in the backyard getting lessons from my Uncle. So, naturally when we brought the girls, my Uncle was giddy like a school boy waiting for them so he could teach them archery. Its been a long long time since there were little kids running around. He snatched them up the second we got there and they had soooo much fun! Cailin was a natural, he very specifically told her everything to do, and her first shot, bullseye!

Isnt she the cutest thing youve ever seen?

Do you see his arrows, he has them all custom made. He's an archery snob.Pretty good form for a first timer.

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alisha said...

That's awesome! What great memories..and nice bullseye Cailin!